Social media authentication
In this boilerplate users have the option to login via e-mail and password but also they can sign-up/sign-in with their Facebook, Google and Microsoft accounts.

How it works?

We implemented social media authentication using Firebase!. You can take a look at their documentation here. In the following section we will explain how to configure each of these authentication methods.

Can I add more login methods?

Yes you can!
We already have the setup in place for more login methods like Twitter, GitHub, etc. You can add them without changing much code at all. You can see other login methods provided by Firebase here.

Adding more login methods

Each login method needs a especific configuration to enable login for users, you can see other login methods provided by Firebase and how to configure them here.
Once you configured your new login method and enabled it on your Firebase console, you can add it to the Login page by adding the provider's value on signInOptions from uiConfig located in the index.js file, from the utils folder. You can check your provider value here.
The new value value on signInOptions should look like this:
provider: ProviderValue,
fullLabel: 'Continue with $ProviderName',
scopes: ['providerScope']
Last modified 1yr ago